After years of keeping score the traditional way - with Sharpies® and Titleist® poster boards, we figured there had to be a better way. When we were staying in the Pro Shop answering the phones until 11:30pm so players would know what their tee times and flights were for Sunday, we figured there had to be a better way!

Our very first version of TournaScore™ ( 2004 ) allowed us to do the tournament scoring on the computer which was really cool - since it caught EVERY mathematical mistake our players made and it displayed Skins faster than we could blink. But it also gave us a way to quickly upload the scores, tee times and flights to our website which went a long way toward letting us leave the Pro Shop at a reasonable time. Players went to the website for their tournament information - instead of depending on calling in to the Pro Shop for the information.

The first time we used TournaScore™ for a Two Day event ( 2004 ), we actually didn't sleep well Saturday night because the phones had rang so seldom - we just worried all night long that players would not know what their tee times were - because we weren't on the phones telling them! Leaving the Pro Shop at 6:00pm - instead of 11:30pm - was a weird feeling. To our delight - Sunday's round went off without a hitch! No missed tee times - AND - total complements on how awesome it was for our players to go to the website and see the entire results of Saturday's round at their convenience. They got their Flights and Tee Times online - and didn't even think about calling the Pro Shop for the info.

It's "old hat" for us now. Five minutes after we have the last score card - we are FINISHED.
All Players are notified, the newspapers know where to get the results - and NO ONE CALLS THE PRO SHOP FOR RESULTS. There's just no need to since players can view the results at their convenience anytime they want to.

Eleven years ago ( 2004 ), we knew we were on to something really cool. We spent the next eight years fine tuning, improving and getting ready to share TournaScore™ with other golf courses.

In the summer of 2012, at the insistence of a neighboring Pro who saw TournaScore™ in action, we went on and invested the time and money needed to make TournaScore™ more user friendly and easy for ANYONE to operate. It's easy, fast and will deliver professional results that will make your Club stand out from the rest. It will give you a competitive edge that will create extra excitement for the players that compete at your Club. But best of all - it will complete your tournament paperwork in minutes - instead of hours!


We have some notable highlights from our first summer in which TournaScore™ was used by clubs other than ours.

1) A Pro used TournaScore™ for Annual Invitational and saw their website scoring page ( Leaderboard ) take 3,285 hits for the weekend!

2) TournaScore™ set up an AM / PM Shotgun Start Pro-Am with 275 players in 32 minutes by an assistant Pro who had only used TournaScore™ a couple of times prior to this event. This included Cart Signs, Scorecards and an Alpha List. With the use of the Player Template - not one name had to be typed into the event.

3) TournaScore™ was used to score the another huge Invitational. Three days, three different golf course - 248 players - 124 teams. Final results were posted within 2 minutes of entering the last scorecard of Sunday's round.

4) A Pro who told us "I can barely turn a computer on" completed his Club Championship - 2 days - more than 60 players - tee times and skins for both days - and never asked for help from us - not even once.

TournaScore™ is committed to providing the fastest, most professional results for Golf Tournaments that can be found. We have continued to improve our service with the help and insight of even more Pros than we started with. We are sure you are going to love TournaScore™. Call us today to see how we can get TournaScore™ set up in your Club.