“Say anything you want about TournaScore™ and just put my name on it! I don’t have enough words to say how much TournaScore™ has changed my life since I started using it.”

     Mark Tackkett,
Head Golf Professional, Briarbrook Golf Course, Carl Junction, Mo

(Note: We told Mark how much we appreciate his comments, but even we thought it was a dramatic statement. When we asked him about it, he said, "Leave it the way it is. Do you realize that my wife and kids get to see me now on tournament days. For instance, I used to get home at 11:30pm the night before a tournament - now - with TournaScore™ - I'm home by 6:00pm! I have so much more time now with TournaScore™ - it has changed my life!")

"TournaScore™ has been a great asset to Lost Springs.  My members really enjoy getting the emails/texts that contain the results of the tournament along with their tee time for the second day.  I haven’t had to sit and answer the phone for two hours after day 1 for day two tee times.  Entering the players is easy and fast.  TournaScore™ has really decreased the amount of time I have needed to prepare for a tournament.  Sponsors love to see their logo on the cart signs and score sheets.  Being able to put the rules sheet on the back of the scorecards is a bonus!  Every golf course needs this program!"

     Todd Pinneo, Head Golf Professional, Lost Springs Golf & Athletic Club, Rogers, AR


"I am writing this testimonial with regard to the TournaScore™ software we purchased at the beginning of our 2015 season here at Salina Municipal G.C.  We could not be happier with the software. It has been a big hit with our golf outings and Men’s Association. Not a tournament has gone by without numerous comments about how sharp and professional the scoreboard looks. Being able to cast it to any of our TV’s in the shop is a real plus.  Our scorecard sponsors are very pleased with it too.

One of the benefits of the software is that it drives customers and the general public to our course website to check on tournament results.  Activity on our website has increased dramatically. This makes our sponsors VERY happy.

The customer service is second to none. Any time we have a question or need an update,  they take care of it the same day if not within the hour.  We could not be happier with all aspects of the software.  I would highly recommend this tournament software to any course looking to add electronic scoring to their events." 

     Mike Hargrave, PGA, Head Golf Professional, Salina Municipal Golf Course, Salina, KS

“We host over 40 events of various size during each golf season. TournaScore™ has saved us valuable time in pre event preparation as well as post round scoring. I would recommend TournaScore™ to any golf professional looking for a more efficient way to manage tournaments. Your tournament players will appreciate the professional presentation of tournament information when they arrive and the quick delivery of results after the event. “

“It’s free! Great support! Continually improving and upgrading the software.”
Mark Peterson, PGA Professional, Carthage Golf Course, Carthage, MO

  "Great software for tournaments.  I used to write custom specs to customize business software and what TournaScore™ has written is very well thought out and easy to use.  We were using separate programs for scoring, cart signs, certificates, alpha lists, and proximity signs. The alpha list alone is worth the money but when you combine all the components that TournaScore™ has put together it makes this software a no brainer.  When I was going through the demo I kept saying "Wow"!  Their technical support's accessibility to help you set up tournaments and get familiar with TournaScore™ is outstanding. Anyone considering using this software is welcome to call me at any time to discuss its benefits."

      Terry L. Alverson, Director of Golf, Greensburg Country Club, Greensburg, Indiana
"Our club and our members have high expectations from our Golf Professional Staff. And we desire to give our members the best tournament and club event experience possible. TournaScore™ lets us easily create scorecards, cart signs, alpha lists, proximity markers and other tedious details with the utmost professionalism and speed. We deliver the results of our events faster and easier than ever and our players love seeing their results on our website."

     Billy Neal, PGA Professional, Hickory Hills Country Club, Springfield, Mo
"TournaScore™ has been a great time saver for us at Springfield Golf & Country Club.  What use to take hours to prepare for before, now just takes minutes.  Tournaments can be scored, flighted, skins indicated all in just a few minutes after the last score has been entered.  The scorecards that this program prints are professional and very informative.  The time we've saved not having to answer the phone for tee times and results has been monumental.  Our members adjusted to this system rather quickly and just love it.  This program is a MUST for any golf course that hosts tournaments!"

Frank Kukal, General Manager, Springfield Golf & Country Club, Springfield, MO

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank Charlie again for creating such a great tournament scoring application. The amount of time it has saved us this year alone covers the cost for 3 years! Not to mention the advertising opportunities that can either make the club money or just provide a better value to the customer. The ease of setting up a tournament and then executing the scoring cannot be matched by any other software of which I am aware. One click flights – yes that is all it takes to flight a 144 player event. I could go on and on about the value and benefits of Tournascore but the proof is in trying it yourself. If you value your time you will make some to give TournaScore™ a try."

      TJ McLaughlin, AGM / Tournament Director, Falcon Ridge Golf Club, Lenexa, KS


“I wanted to thank you again for bringing TournaScore™ to Stonebridge.  It has made our outings go smoothly as well as present a cleaner more professional look.” 

      Taylor Johnson, GM, Stonebridge Meadows Golf Club, Fayetteville, AR


"I was a little skeptical when Charlie approached me about being a sponsor for TournaScore™ at our golf course.  As golfers we know there is always some new and improved 'whatever' to help our golf.  However, TournaScore™ has really been a success at Briarbrook.  I knew after our first tournament it was going to be very well received.  We had a 2 day tournament with 121 players that received well over 3,200 hits of players checking scores, flights, and tee times.  We get notified, on our cell phones or computers, of tee times before the tournament,  the way flights break, five minutes after the last player’s score is in, longest drive, closest to the pin, and skins payouts.   

We can go to TournaScore™ on our website and check out anybody’s score, hole by hole, on any tournament that has been played all year long. And not once do we need to call the pro-shop to get that information.  TournaScore™ is a great innovation in our new world of technology.  Congrats to Charlie (and Josh) for their innovation.  If your course does not have the TournaScore™ system, you are behind times."

     Rick Utter, President – Men of Briarbrook, Briarbrook Golf Course, Carl Junction, MO

"I played in a tournament away from my home town earlier this summer. We were one of the last groups to play on Saturday and when we got off the 18th green and turned in our scorecard, it was literally just a few minutes before they had the Flights and Tee Times set for Sunday's round, it was amazing. We didn't have to call the Pro Shop to find out what time we played - it was right on our phones. It was great! Very professional. I don't know any player who enjoys spending their evening trying to get through to the Pro Shop to find out what their tee time is or what the results of the day were."

Shannon Keeler, Missouri
"Tournascore is by far the easiest, most convenient way I have seen to acquire your tee time and flight status during a tournament and to examine full-field-results after a tournament."

     Scott Saia, Pittsburg, KS
"Thank you for introducing us to your TournaScore™ program. As Secretary of the Joplin Golf Club we hold several tournaments every year.  One of our events is the Ozark Amateur Golf Tournament.  This tournament is one of the oldest continuously run tournaments west of the Mississippi.  TournaScore™ is easy to use and the features including running skins and setting up flights is far and above any other we have tried.  I would recommend your program to any golf club. You and Josh are very professional in how you run your business and I look forward to a continuation of the relationship you have with the Joplin Golf Club. Respectfully,"

     Homer Wilson, Secretary, Joplin Golf Club, Joplin, MO